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An internet service provider company established in Zliten in October 2015. It provides high-speed internet service to homes and companies via WIFI, landline and fiber lines

?Why Alwaha Net

Because in a short time, it was able to prove itself in the Libyan technology and internet market, with a staff of more than 40 employees, including highly qualified engineers

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Our Special Services For You

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras, security systems and fingerprint devices

VPN Services

VPN services and high-level encryption protection

Networks Design

Design and installation of wired and wireless networks in homes and companies

Solar Systems

Installing solar panels and providing energy alternatives

Internet Services

High speed internet provider for homes, companies and cafes via WiFi, ADSL & Fiber

IP Phones

Installation and programming of telephone systems IP Phones

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Internet Servies

Fast Internet, Different Packages

Hotspot Internet

We provide hotspot services to owners of cafes, restaurants, hotels and resorts at high speeds

Corporate Internet

We provide dedicated lines service to the owners of companies and factories with high and stable speeds and special VIP services

Home Internet

We provide home internet service via WiFi & ADSL with different packages and high speeds to suit all needs

Wireless Network

We provide WiFi networking service with hight quality with competitive prices and high capacities up to 1 Gbps

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About Us

An internet service provider company. We provides high-speed internet service to homes and companies via WIFI, Landline and Fiber